Movers Doing Good: Black Awareness Day - Global Packing
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Black Awareness Day: making the difference for a better society!

For the first time in the history of Brazil, black people are majority in the public universities of the country. That might sound odd to some, but although black people are almost 56% of the Brazilian population, rights and opportunities are not equally granted to all people in Brazil and in the world. And that’s why today is such an important day in Brazil: today is the Black Awareness Day!

Today we celebrate the promotion of racial equality. It’s a day to remember all the black heroes that built our country and fought against slavery, racism and sexism. Heroes that were great in the past, such as as Zumbi dos Palmares, Dandara, Luiza Mahins, Luis Gama and others, but also heroes in our present time, like Abdias do Nascimento, Conceição Evaristo, Sueli Carneiro and Marielle Franco, that keep fighting for a better country!

And looking to our heroes, we from Global Packing are proud to sponsor APAS (Presbyterian Association of Social Assistance), a social association that works ensuring that our heroes of the future have every opportunity they need to be the great doctors, the significant teachers, the severe scientists, the beautiful artists and, ultimately, the change our society needs.  Through Ação Querer Bem, APAS benefits children and teenagers of the Cidade de Deus community, offering education support, sports activities, dance classes, English lessons, lunch and snacks, leisure and other extra activities.

Monday to Friday, full day, the children have every support and encouragement, empowering them to beat the ties of racism and, hopefully, one day see an equal country, where race means nothing and rights are accessible to all people. Until then, we from Global Packing will keep sponsoring projects and seeking to promote and stimulate the change for a fair and better society.

Happy Black Awareness Day!


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