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Covid-19: Time to support those who are in need!

The pandemic of the new Coronavirus has affected millions of people around the world, bringing fear and a feeling of uncertainty in the face of the challenges that are presented, however, this situation has also awakened the best in each of us, opening up floodgates for a wave of solidarity.

It has been very gratifying to observe so many actions promoted by simple people, that despite the fear of becoming infected, they realized that someone very close may be in an even more difficult situation, and decided to take action to help these people, and with Global Packing it was no different!

One of our values ​​is to work to be a relevant company for society, and we believe that there has never been a time when practicing this value was so necessary.

We held an online meeting with our team and started thinking about ways we could contribute and help those most in need. This may seem like an easy task, but it actually requires a lot of seriousness and commitment, as there are several factors that are only noticed when you really think about it.

It was then that we decided to contact a project that we have been partners with for many years, the Ação Querer Bem, which promotes several activities for hundreds of needy children in Cidade de Deus, one of the largest communities in Rio de Janeiro.

The timing couldn’t have been better!
Just that week, Ação Querer Bem received some donations about two tons of food, cleaning materials and personal hygiene, however, they still needed to organize the collection and transport of these donations, and … Bingo!
Since then, we have made our fleet and our staff available to carry out both withdrawal and transport and delivery of donations!

Caminhão Global Packing



  It was a day of hard work and the hot weather made the service even more tiring, even so, our team was there, firm and strong, because they believe in the values that we maintain and they knew that their work was helping hundreds of families to be helped at this very difficult time.

We know that this is very little in the face of everything we are experiencing, but we will not give up and we will not stop!
May this gesture inspire you to do the same.
Help those who need it any way you can!


It doesn’t matter how much or how. There is always a way to help, and your help can be everything that any family is needing right now!

You don’t have to contribute just money or food. Donating your time, your goodwill, already makes a big difference!

If you are looking to help in some way, but are not sure what to do, check out our tips below!



Yes, it may seem simple, but donating your time can be very valuable!
With social isolation, the feeling of loneliness can be enhanced, and this has very large impacts, especially psychological.

Try to set aside a time in your day to call some people (it may be a friend, a relative, a neighbor) and find out how they are, how they have faced social isolation, if they are taking preventive care, but try to do that in a relaxed and cheerful way, without accusatory tones.
These few minutes will make a total difference for these people!

Article: Asylum promotes video calls to minimize the impacts of social isolation.





Professionals from various fields are offering their services for free over the internet. Psychologists, speech therapists, teachers, physical educators, among others, are conducting consultations, classes and courses online for free, providing medical follow-up, which perhaps some people never had, or that new skills are developed or improved. If you are a qualified professional or if you have something to teach, do it!

Use your social networks to reach the closest people, and they will take care of calling more people.

Atados: Discover this platform that connects those who want to volunteer with institutions that need help!






Just like Ação Querer Bem, several other organizations are engaged in helping the most needy. If you are in Rio de Janeiro and would like to know a little more about the Querer Bem Action, click here and learn more about their work.

In addition, some sites bring together several NGOs precisely to facilitate access for those who want to contribute in some way, but do not do so due to lack of time or for any other reason. Below are some of these options:


  • Rede do Bem – Here you will find several NGOs from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. You can also filter by city, neighborhood and area of activity, such as: culture, social assistance, sport, among others.
  • Pra Quem Doar – On this website, you have access to various support initiatives spread across Brazil. You can filter entities by region or even alphabetically. You can watch them read a little about their work and also get contact information so you can collaborate.


And remember: even if you cannot contribute financially, you can donate what you know how to do or even your desire to do!
The important thing at this point is to think about the next one, to be close even while keeping your distance.

We are sure that small combined efforts achieve great goals!


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