International Women's Day: Women in Brazil - Global Packing
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International Women’s Day: Women in Brazil

This Sunday, we celebrate International Women’s Day and we from Global Packing Moving & Relocation could not let the date go unnoticed. March 8, a date that annually makes society ponder women, is much more than a symbolic date. March 8 reminds us of the international women’s struggle, which less than 100 years ago won the suffrage and still today fights for equal rights.

Most of the time, in the face of triple time work, women work, take care of domestic tasks and take care of the children. That’s why today, Brazilian women work an average of 3.1 more hours than men, sad statistics that, fortunately, have been improving over the past 5 years since in 2015 the difference between male and female hours was 7.5 hours in Brazil.

In addition, the triple time work gets even worse when we realize that more than 40% of Brazilian families are headed by women, in 11 million cases, alone. The social life of women is overburdened and, if we think of domestic and family life as the fruits of work that they are, 66% of the time is unpaid.

On the other hand, the female condition accompanied by a partner has its particular great problems. After all, every 2 minutes a woman is a victim of violence in Brazil. In the last year, femicide – so called the homicide of women guided by misogyny and gender hatred – grew 7.2%, and 3 out of every 4 women victims by partners or ex-partners. Finally, the most vulnerable situation is Brazilian black women’s: the feminicide of white women fell by 9.8%, meanwhile the feminicide against black women, according to the 2015 Map of Violence, increased by 54.2%.

Thus, it’s clear the importance of raising discussions on the women’s condition, especially during the month of March. It’s been 110 years since the establishment of an international commemorative date for Women’s Day. Many rights have been conquered, but there are still many to be in order to guarantee the female existence, dignity, respect and equality. We from Global Packing recognize the need to change the condition of women in society and we strive to emphasize and value the role of women not only in Brazil, but in our company. In addition, we believe in the importance of raising these discussions as a Brazilian firm and that’s why we will dedicate ourselves this March to the series #GLOBALwomen. For this reason, in the weeks of this month, we will seek to spark debates and explore the role and condition of women in Brazil, in the world and in the moving field.

May the statistics not frustrate our expectations, but give reasons to society and women to fight for a world of gender equality! Keep up with our #GLOBALwomen series.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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