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Where to live in Macaé?

Known as the National Petroleum Capital, Macaé is an important city of Rio de Janeiro, located in the north of the state. The city has attracted people from all over the country especially due to its concentration of much of Petrobras operations, putting Macaé in the spotlight of the branch, contributing to many other activities that are driven from oil exploration in the region.

From 2007 to 2017, Macaé grew economically 600%. This growth fell slightly from 2015, however, since last year the city has resumed its pace, mainly due to oil auctions and the financial recovery of Petrobras.

Regarding the quality of life in the city, according to the latest Municipal Development Index (IFDM) data, by Firjan from 2018 based on the year 2016, Macaé scores 0.75 in development, showing how this city is only improving and moving towards better standards. Macaé has a significant job offer supported by the quantity and quality of its main Offshore companies, including Petrobras, Halliburton, Chevron, FMC, Acergy, BP, Pride, Aggreko, Falk Nutec, Sub Sea 7, Repsol, Transocean, Schlumberger and Aker Kvaerner.

Besides, the city makes the life of the expats a lot easier since there are many international schools, such as Maple Bear, the International School of Macae, the Atlantic College and others.

This brief information alone proves how much worthy is living in Macaé. But now, let’s get down to business: where to live in Macaé?


Bairro Cavaleiros

One of the main neighborhoods of Macaé, Cavaleiros is known for hosting one of the most beautiful beaches in the city, named after the neighborhood. The Cavaleiros Beach is called the Macaé’s Copacabana, because of its beauty and importance to the city. In addition, there are also other beaches in the neighborhood,for example Praia do Pecado and Praia da Restinga.

The Cavaleiros neighborhood is full of shopping centers, bank branches and service stations that make the life of the citzens a lot easier. Moreover, the region concentrates the best and most famous restaurants in the city, ensuring fun and excitement for those looking for it. Despite its busy reputation, Cavaleiros is a residential neighborhood, an ideal place for both street leisure and peace and quiet at home.



Another important neighborhood of Macaé is Glória. One of the most populous neighborhoods of the city and host to several important events, such as the Macaé Beer Fest, Glória is a neighborhood for those looking for good fun.

Glória is located in the most privileged area of Macaé and becomes increasingly more and more reclaimed. After all, the neighborhood is not only considered as one of the most beautiful regions of the entire coast of Rio de Janeiro, but also guarantees comfort and facilities to the residents of the area. Situated in a strategic location, Glória is close to Cavaleiros Beach, has easy access to downtown Macaé and is surrounded by shopping malls, services and great infrastructure.

Finally, Glória is the neighborhood of those who, above all, want comfort, amusement and, fortunately, the gift of the unique coastal beauty of Macaé along with the pleasant and mild climate of the mountainous parts of the city.


Another demanded destination for those who are moving to work in Macaé is the city of Rio das Ostras, next to Macaé, as pleasant as the neighboring city, but with lower living expenses.


These were some tips about the neighborhoods to live in Macaé. We hope we helped you, count on us for your move!

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